What is FilmHub

FilmHub is the most advanced Film & Photography location application management system available on the market.

Designed for use by both Borough Councils and Private Locations it provides you with a complete online working environment enabling you to efficiently manage all aspects of your clients’ applications.

Users can easily apply, quickly from anywhere in the world with an internet connection via mobile, tablet and desktop PC. Applications are received for review, processing, invoicing and licensing in seconds with all information collated and sent out to all relevant parties at the click of a button.

Delivering significant ROI, FilmHub provides you with the most advanced management system at your fingertips for both you and your clients.

Administrator Benefits

  • Enables you to receive, review, process and invoice for every single job
  • Time saving, efficient and eliminates paperwork
  • Increase performance & revenue, decreases costs and time
  • Calendar view automatically generated of all applications - for select viewing
  • Automatic financial/statistical data reports generated
  • Tailored information top-sheets auto-generated for dissemination
  • Online invoice payments automatically synced to system
  • Provides a marketing platform for partners – promote, encourage and increase filming
  • Powerful advanced administration tools

Applicant Benefits

  • Fast, easy editable applications
  • Real-time individual application status updates for all users
  • Covers all requirements in one complete system
  • Multi-platform compatibility (Mobiles, tablets, PC’s)
  • Online secure payment options
  • Ability to review complete individual application summaries

The Feedback

"The next stage of application software – a real step up!"

"It's so fast and flexible – booking and managing my shoots has never been this easy"

"I wish every location I wanted to film in made use of FilmHub"

"You guys at Film Office have done it again! Thank you it’s so useful! The industry needs this."

"Finally I can apply with my phone and receive updates on the move"

"The administration tool has removed ALL paperwork from my office and it asks all the questions I need!"

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