East Ham Town Hall & Courtroom

Newham | Ref 11082

East Ham Town Hall is located in a magnificent, Victorian red brick building with a clock tower. The historical building is still a working Town Hall but has a variety of rooms available for film and photography. The newly renovated main hall offers a large open space with a beautiful stage, chandeliers and a wooden floor. The courtroom, known as the Council Chamber offers the perfect space for a variety of courtroom scenes.


  • Please note there is no working lift in the building up to the Main Hall.

Additional Information

Main Hall

  • 400 people

Lister Room

  • 90 people

Council Chamber

  • 60 people

Other rooms in the Town Hall available are

From £100 + VAT per hour
Water available
13 amp electricity

Availability Guide

Potentially unavailable, please check


Nearest Unit Base(s)

Stratford Workshops

Around 3.92 miles away