Why FilmHub?

Discover or promote your film, photography and creative-use locations

The world's creative minds from film, TV, music, photography, events and brand activations use FilmHub to find their creative locations. We've been helping property owners grow their revenue and film-makers prepare for their shoots for over 30 years.

Join. Connect. Create. We connect property owners to exceptional creatives, without stress.

Filming Locations
  • Expertise
    For over 30 years we have delivered unrivalled support for productions to achieve their creative goals and properties to achieve their revenue targets.
  • Reliability
    We are detail driven and our "creative-use" property management excels in reliability, professionalism and trustworthiness at every step, for all types of creativity on location.
  • Communication
    We're client facing, responding quickly to everyone; providing clear updates and professional collaboration for stress free, successful hires.
  • Achieve with FilmHub
    Turn imagination into reality, with fantastic properties to exercise your creativity at and offering property owners the chance to connect to creative minds of all types.

Are you a property owner?

FilmHub is your go-to partner to market and generate income from creative hires

We have hired out almost every conceivable location type over 3 decades of working in "creative-use" hires. Whether it's a residential property, a bustling, private Central Business District, an underground network of tunnels, a rooftop, a school, hospital corridors, pedestrianised areas, housing estates, industrial spaces, a warehouse or even a wasteland, your property has the potential to generate revenue from creative use.