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Why use FilmHub?

  • 1)  Fast, easy, editable applications
  • 2) Covers all shoot requirements
  • 3) Works on Mobiles and Tablets
  • 4) Real-time application status updates for all users
  • 5) Pay securely online (if a fee is applicable)

Welcome to FilmHub

FilmHub, developed by Film Office, is the most advanced online filming application platform used by the film industry to apply for film and photography work in London and beyond.

Local authorities & private location owners looking to promote, encourage and increase filming and management performance in their boroughs or locations benefit from an enhanced 'application-through-to-filming' workflow system.

Film officers and location managers/film makers receive, manage and process all aspects of a shoot and send information to relevant council officers and associated parties in seconds from desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Discover FilmHub by signing up for an account and if you have any questions contact Film Office directly.

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