LEB: Commercial Unit

Tower Hamlets | Ref 31510

This self contained building forms part of the LEB Building in the heart of East London in Bethnal Green.

Previously a One Stop Shop in its previous life this location comprises of a main room with sliding door access from the street. It has a main bank of counters with individual meeting rooms along one side and 2 separate rooms behind.

Can be doubled as multiple locations: commercial unit, betting shop / bookies, job centre...

The LEB Building is a fantastic versatile film & production site offering a diverse and flexible location for filming, production basing and more which comes with an exclusive car park for unit basing / parking.

It has been a very popular location that has accommodated a diverse range of productions who have been able to film multiple set-ups at one location and offers a fantastic workable space for all production needs.

Ideal for productions wanting a single site for a production hub that can accommodate the full spectrum of production requirements including set builds, multiple location set ups, production offices, unit basing, prop storage, edit suites and more.

The site comprises of a main building annex building and car park. The main building is a five storey office building built in the late 1950’s with approx. 38,700 sq ft internal area.

Contact us to have a look around and see what it can offer your production.

Other locations of the site include:

LEB: Ground Floor

LEB: 1st Floor

LEB: 2nd Floor

LEB 3rd Floor

LEB: 4th Floor

LEB: Annex Building

LEB: Annex Office

LEB: Basement

LEB: Car Park

LEB: Rooftop


From £POA
40 spaces
Water available
13 amp & 3 phase electricity

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