LEB: Annex Office

Tower Hamlets | Ref 31511

The site comprises of a main building, annex building and car park.

The location offers a diverse and flexible location for filming, production basing and more and comes with an exclusive car park for unit basing / parking.

It has been a very popular location that has accommodated a diverse range of productions who have been able to film multiple set-ups at one location and offers a fantastic workable space for all production needs.

Contact us to have a look around and see what it can offer your production.

Other locations of the site include:

LEB: Ground Floor

LEB: 1st Floor

LEB: 2nd Floor

LEB 3rd Floor

LEB: 4th Floor

LEB: Annex Building

LEB: Basement

LEB: Car Park

LEB: Commercial Unit

LEB: Rooftop

From £POA
40 spaces
Water available
13 amp & 3 phase electricity

Availability Guide

Potentially unavailable, please check


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