School and Unit Base

Tower Hamlets | Ref 31690

Offering both a great unit base (outside of term dates) and a school film location or doubling as an airport, prison or hospital thanks to its corridors and balcony levels.

Built in the 1990's the spaces offers a brightly lit areas thanks to it's open, airy design and glass ceilings.

The school has large, accessible parking facilities, a school restaurant, library, assembly hall, sports hall, mirrored dance studio with a barre, MUGA football pitch and multiple holding areas.

It offers a lot for one site!


  • Unavailable until after 7th November due to Crossrail removing equipment from site with cranes.
From £125 + VAT per hour
2,500 SQ M.
Water available
13 amp electricity

Availability Guide

Potentially unavailable, please check


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