Sir John Cass School

Tower Hamlets | Ref 19551

Only available outside of school hours or during the holidays, Sir John Cass school is a great school offering a wide range of rooms including a swimming pool, laboratory and a playground that can be used as a unit base. This school is the perfect choice for anyone looking for that typical, London comprehensive atmosphere.

Features include:

  • A large fenced playground/unit base
  • Typical comprehensive school corridors with white brick walls
  • School assembly hall complete with benches
  • Swimming pool
  • Office room
  • Covered outdoor area
  • Outdoor ping-pong tables
  • Workshop
  • Laboratory
  • Canteen

This multifunctional school is very film friendly and can accommodate a wide range of needs.

Please note the following term times as this may affect availability for filming.


From £125 + VAT per hour
Water available
13 amp electricity

Availability Guide

Potentially unavailable, please check


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